Monday, April 6, 2009

Rebellion from the lybrinth of Mauli Temple in Kalne

Kalne village in South Western Maharastra is in the middle of intense struggle against move to start mining activities in the village. Sebastian Rodrigues travelled to the village to shoot some pictures from the village. Here are some of the pictures below

Inside the Mauli Temple - women sing Bhajans and Protest songs together.
And out in the village are the posters painted and put up on the trees and other visible places. This particular poster above says "Land is ours by right and not of anyones father"

"Satisfy our demands or vacate your chairs"

"We are united"

"They rule in Delhi, we rule in our village"

Mining crossed!

"Government land is our land"
"Water, Land and Forest be in the custody of Public"

The above poster is protest against police repression in the village of Kalne. False cases under Section 302 of IPC are filed against key leaders of the Kalne revolt for allegedly causing death of mining company's security on March 19, 2009. Mining company tried constructing road through private property by force at 3.30 am that day. State authorities responded by fining Rs. 5 lakh to the company and confiscated the machinery. One security was hurt in the evening after falling down from moving vehicle trying to jump inside the vehicle and sustained injuries one and half kilometer away from the Kalne village. He died in Goa Medical college on that evening. State administration found very good excuse to file false cases against the agitating villagers.

"We will not give our land"

"Condemning Inspector Deshmukh for registering false cases against the villagers"

"Mining companies are looters"

"We will not give our land"

"Condemning Police for registering case against local doctor active in the movement"
"Condemning mining supporters"

"Long Live Kalne villagers Unity"

"Mining companies are looters"

Kalne fields on April 5, 2009. These are sought to be mined.

"Withdraw section 302 or vacate your chairs"

Condemning police

Will will fight, we will win!

Long live Kalne villagers unity!

Condemning State sponsored terror

Condemning Corrupt police, corrupt administration

Poem about Kalne in Marathi at Mauli Temple

Withdraw section 302!

In defence of Konkan

Inside the temple

Women are in the forefront of the agitation
Protest meeting with a rhythm in Kalne...

Bhajan and Protest songs together inside Mauli temple...


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  2. im making full lenght marathi feature film on this issue...need contact nos of people who can give me good info for my research.. Aditya Sarpotdar