Monday, April 6, 2009

Glimpses from inside the Mauli temple of rebellion

The heated discussions are on...

Inside the Temple gallery where protesters are squatting. On 23rd March four police vans came to the village to arrest the villagers. Police asked the villagers to come out of the Temple in order to arrest but villagers refused to come out. Police guarded the Temple till the sunset with the hope that they will see the villagers out of the Temple and then arrest them. But villagers challenged the Police to enter the Temple and arrest them but Police clearly was not in a Position to create fall outs like that of Operation Blue Star and retreated back.

Old and the Young, all join the Protest inside the Mauli Temple

"Our fight is for justice, to live with human dignity" protestor inside the temple

More placards of Protest and Unity...

"Hand over Kalne investigations to CID" poster inside the temple.

" Long Live Unity of Kalne villagers!" message on the board

Condemning Inspector Desmukh for registering false cases against Kalne villagers

Prayer to God to get Government head in its proper sense
Sebastian Rodrigues

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  1. Full support for the Kalne village.. I am very proud of you guys for standing up for your rights.